Calling All Fly Tyers!

Each participant at a Reel Recovery retreat is given a fly box with a dozen flies to keep. These flies are a nice takeaway for the men. With the number of participants in Texas growing to 60 men this year, we are in search of fly tyers to provide flies that will be given to the men.

There are two ways you can help (obviously you can do both!).

The first is that you can volunteer to tie up sixteen flies of a single pattern. After you tie the flies, you will mail them to me to be distributed into the fly boxes. I will email you after you submit the form with ideas about the patterns that we need to have tied.

The second is to volunteer to show up to a “Tie In” event in the DFW area. We will have a potluck dinner and tie up the patterns as a group for a few hours. Hopefully we will have about 20 people show up and we can take turns demonstrating and then tying the pattern as a group. We will be able to knock out a large number of flies and have some good camaraderie while doing so. This will be our first time to attempt this, but if it goes well, we will have a few of these events each year.

This year we will need 720(!) flies for the gift boxes. That is a huge number of flies, but I know we can do it.

If you would like to help, please fill out this short FORM.


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