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It is that time of year again–time to tie some flies up to give our Reel Recovery retreat attendees! We have SIX retreats scheduled this year in Texas. That gives us the opportunity to serve as many as 90 men. That also means that we will need a lot of flies–just over 1,000! That is a ton of tying for one person, but when we spread it out with all of our volunteers, it becomes much more manageable! Thanks so much for helping us out!

At the conclusion of each retreat, the fishing buddy presents the retreat participant with a nice fly box and a dozen hand tied flies. The flies are a reminder of their time fishing at the retreat and hopefully will get them started on fly fishing on their own. No matter what the participants plan on doing with the flies, I assure you that it really means a lot for them to take home the flies and box.

If you would like to help us out, please fill out this form to let us know what flies to expect:

You will need to tie 15 identical flies, one for each participant. You are the only one tying that pattern for the retreat, so feel free to use some artistic license if you would like. Choose a color/size that is good for catching fish in Texas waters.

I need to have these in hand by March 15th to assemble the finished fly boxes for our first retreat at the end of March. You may bring your flies to the March Fort Worth or Dallas Fly Fishers club meeting. If you choose to mail them, my home address is:

Email me at or call me at 817-584-1147, if you have any questions.


Thanks again!

Mike Mendez

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